Awaken ~ Book Review

With the flavours of Shadow-hunter books, this tale immediately set me down on the same wavelength. The narration is full of portals and magic, symbols and mystery - I feel a young adult who loves paranormal romance would lap it up. Ellie Larson comes across a strange symbol, which in turn leads her to find... Continue Reading →

A Moment Before Midnight ~ Book Review

To be honest, to begin with I was a bit put-off when first getting into this book as the names and feel was very similar to hundreds of other 'vampire love stories' out there. But, I have to admit that I was wrong, because the tone and very story-telling of this tale is more in-depth... Continue Reading →

Hers to Bear ~ Book Review

This is an erotic romance and paranormal novel that will please any lover of this genre. For those who want to get swept up into a shape-shifter romance with adventure and steamy scenes - this is for you. Jenna arrives in the small but charming town of Honey Corners as a schoolteacher for the little... Continue Reading →

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