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Welcome authors! After reviewing the criteria for sending me your book requests, you can find the e-mail address on the Contact Info page.

The genres I review are vast and varied, my main focus being books written by indie authors but I am open to books from all venues. It has recently been suggested to me that I also consider reviewing comic books and other less recognized genres so I’ll give that a shot as well if it is requested.

The only two genres I won’t be reviewing are horror and erotica. I give no guarantees of reviews and hold the right to turn down a book I do not feel I could do justice – if your book is accepted for review, it means it is being considered seriously for review – due to the amount of requests I receive, I do my best to review them all but it simply isn’t possible. Accepting a book does not promise a review. Be aware that I do not post negative reviews or books I have been unable to finish. All opinions are that of an individual review author.

I vastly prefer soft or hardcover books to review but will accept e-books if not possible. In saying that, hardcover reviews have preference.

Thanks so much for your review request, please e-mail me a blurb and a bit more information about your book such as word count, genre and on which platforms your book is available on.

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