Author Highlight ~ Weslie Jensen

We are meeting Weslie Jensen, who is a bubbly, short, seemingly naïve Librarian Assistant who harbors a peculiar attraction towards the “Dark Side.” During childhood, Weslie found herself addicted to writing fiction where you love the villains and no character escapes unscathed. Encouraged by her newfound interest, Weslie pursued the writing career while attending Writing... Continue Reading →

The Tithe of Esra’ Nell ~ Book Review

I have always appreciated a good cover on a book, and with the coming of the digital age, I often missed the extra magic a soft or hardcover book added to the reading experience. When I received this book in the post, it was a thrilling treat to hold it in my hands and appreciate... Continue Reading →

Hers to Bear ~ Book Review

This is an erotic romance and paranormal novel that will please any lover of this genre. For those who want to get swept up into a shape-shifter romance with adventure and steamy scenes - this is for you. Jenna arrives in the small but charming town of Honey Corners as a schoolteacher for the little... Continue Reading →

The Carousel ~ Book Review

The Carousel and Other Short Stories is a collection of four such tales capturing a range of situations and emotions. As always, short stories are often in some way difficult to read, they demand you to think of something else, think beyond the ordinary or dig beneath the surface. These stories capture the sometimes rocky... Continue Reading →

Phoenix: Ashes ~ Book Review

Starwars meets the Roman empire and you have the groundwork for this exciting sci-fi meets historical fiction book. This is not your usual plot for a book and instead of getting weary of the tiring exposition, obvious buildup, lacklustre climax and almost forced resolution, you find yourself wanting and believing with the characters. Your imagination... Continue Reading →

The N Days ~ Book Review

In a world you thought you knew, in the balance of physics and science you thought held it together - everything gets torn apart. Lives, society and the very fabric of reality. One girl finds herself fleeing nightmarish terrors that are all too real, she desperately fights to find Sanctuary in America. Samantha Worthington Day... Continue Reading →

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