Champion’s Rising ~ Book Review


The main character of this story is Crown Prince Snarmis, a giant of a man, kind and genial of nature. He has the foundations of a likeable character and a hero, although he is often found wanting in certain aspects of his life. He tries to please those around him but always seems to come up short – much to the displeasure of his father, the King of Psykoria  . For a fantasy book, this tale affords the whole package of magical and mythological creatures. From fairies to trolls to dragons and pegasi, this book will satisfy lovers of fantasy of most ages, keeping in mind some sections may be of a mature nature. This book has a medieval flavour which for some reason put the thoughts of George and the Dragon in my mind more than once.

This tale is rich with action, there are liberal sprinklings of treachery, intrigue and excitement as should be in tales of this genre.

As much as I enjoyed getting to know this character and his nature and quirks, he felt somewhat unfinished to me, lacking some facets to his makeup. He was rather inadequate in his everyday actions but found it relatively easy to defeat strong monster enemies attacking his home – a few small inconsistencies prevented the full belief of the character to kick in.

The extent of the action and battles was too much for my palate, it became exhausting and all I wished for was some moments of gentler fantasy to maybe build more of the land or characters.

All together a charming fantasy book which might lack a bit in polishing and content metering but a delight in any case. I enjoyed the rich fantasy and medieval content, I’m looking forward to more work from S.F. Claymore.

*** Three Star Review

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