Song of Praise for a Flower ~ Book Review

I’m not sure where to start with this book. It is an understatement to say that I was overwhelmed by it – it touched me deeply and still plays through my head.

But to start where I should – from the beginning – I would like to highlight the beautiful layout and design of the book. The cover is magnificent, delicate and unassuming – a perfect fit for this powerful tale of a gentle but tenacious woman. Getting the opportunity to read this book in softcover was a treat as I greatly prefer the experience to digital books.

Before I even get into the tale I was so enchanted by how this book came to be – this book lay buried waiting to be sighted by family after the authors death – until a long-lost cousin from America wished to know more about her family and so the book was brought into the light. The story then became available to not only family but to the rest of the word – lessons within it’s pages and stories told are so valuable relating to history, personal growth and human interaction.

This book is a masterpiece, and I don’t say  this often about books. Only a few times have I read a truly soul-touching book and this was one of them. The writing style is delicate but strong. Descriptions are perfect, they are vivid are literally like paintings for the imagination – grammar and flow of sentences and chapters is flawless.

This tale is the vivid re-telling of one woman’s life journey through China’s turbulent years of unrest and change. One woman’s story of how she grew up in 20th century China and how she adapted to ever changing environment not only in the greater world, but in her own family. Intrigue, adventure, loss and the exploration of deep emotions and situations gives this tale an aching depth that pulls at your heart strings.

I have already suggested this book to two other friends and will cherish it for many years to come.

5 Stars for a brilliant book.



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