When the Eye Sees Itself – Review

I’m a big fan of book covers done right – there are so many hit and misses that a good cover really places one book apart from the others. This cover jumped out at me soon as I unwrapped the packaging – it is absolutely stunning.

The book itself is an intricately woven narrative dipping its toes in more than one genre, an interesting, unique and thought-provoking read.

The story is told in an experienced tone – familiarity but not boredom in the content. There are enough links to known situations and experiences and places in our minds to intricately link imagination with narration. During that first two to three chapters character-wise I often found them to be over explained and their communication a bit rigid and repeated but that smoothed out rather quickly into familiarity with the characters.

Its a futuristic piece in a not too far in the future reality. Being an unpredictable read which touches on subjects not explored in anything I’ve met in writing before. A warped society based around a population divided into Aggressives, Vulnerables and Citizens – those who are at the pinnacle of the pyramid. A legal battle ensues and a rebellion of sort begins with the Vulnurables and Aggressives against the Citizens.

Nothing is as it seems, new technologies with powerful abilities fuelled by a twisted political reality can cause cataclysmic results. There are huge undercurrents and secrets, threats and possible annihilation lurks under the surface of this nail-biting read.

This book definitely left me thinking and certainly left it’s mark on my mind. It’s not exactly a light read but I’d undoubtedly say worth my time and would encourage more people to buy it, be it lovers of sci-fi, futuristic or political intrigue genres.

Rated 5 Stars.


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