Book Highlight ~ Power Grub

Taking a bit of a jump in another genre, I am glad to share this book as I am very much into fitness and health almost as much as the world of books and imagination.

Keen to share with you – ‘Power Grub’ by Adam Fedorciow

“Nutrition for weight-category based athletes (WCBA), has traditionally been pretty simple in the past… eat everything in sight. Information on the subject is sparse on Google and non-specific. Most of the information on diets for WCBA (e.g. Weightlifiting, Powerlifting, Boxing, MMA) lean towards eating lots of carbohydrates and protein then cutting water weight at the last minute.

But is this beneficial for WCBA with regards to their psychological profile and neurotransmitter dominance in relation to the athlete and the energy requirements of the sport?

Probably not. Plus you might be wondering what these terms even mean. Most nutrition plans are very simplistic, generalised and aimed at body composition. They tend to focus on calories in vs. calories out and macronutrients but don’t even look to consider hormone or neurotransmitter balance of the person.

However, information on nutrition for WCBA is limited or brushed over which is why I thought I’d spread some light on the subject in this short eBook.”


“You’re probably wondering why you should listen to me.

Since 2012, I have been listening, reading, watching and studying under some of the greatest nutritionists and biochemists the world has to offer. I have tried and tested my methods myself and on my clients.

Just because I don’t have every nutritional accreditation or qualification after my name, doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about nutrition. Nutrition is actually a pretty simple topic which is unfortunately over-complicated by others, so that they can sell their products.


Trust me I’ve tried most things out there and realised that most of it is all a marketing scam and actually nutrition is very simple and just over complicated by people in order to make you feel left out and that you can’t live properly without using their product or doing it their way. Most people worry about all the small things that will give you 1-2% change, rather than first fixing the things that will give you 20-30% increase.”


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