Awaken ~ Book Review

With the flavours of Shadow-hunter books, this tale immediately set me down on the same wavelength. The narration is full of portals and magic, symbols and mystery – I feel a young adult who loves paranormal romance would lap it up.

Ellie Larson comes across a strange symbol, which in turn leads her to find a mysterious book – she is drawn deeper and deeper by something stronger than curiosity, maybe it’s fate. Things are linked and soon enough she is in the middle of a mystery. Meeting Jack and her reality spinning out of control, Ellie has to find out what she is meant to do and possibly find love on the way.

Looking at the brickwork of the story, there were many grammatical errors and repetition that tended to take away from the highlight of fact that it was meant to bring. I feel the author attempted to bring free-flowing and natural dialogue to her text but in some instances it did not flow as smoothly as would be hoped for. I recognise this to be a story that young adults would possibly really enjoy, but with possibly a bit more polish and structure. I had a feeling of being unbalanced, as if the storyteller wasn’t fully committed to the tale she was telling.

With more practice, dialogue study and structuring, i’m sure this author will have a much more complete result that can be enjoyed by young adult and any lover of paranormal romance.

Rated 3 stars.

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