The Soul’s Expression ~ Book Review

This historical romance opens with an air of worry and uncertainty, Katherine Forrester waiting to be seen by a doctor – a forced requirement by her pushy mother in law. An impatient husband is behind the visit as well – adding betrayal to embarrassment as she is forced to share the intimate details of her life.

She suspects the doctor she sees will pack her off to an asylum for ‘female hysteria’ – a broad term used by unsatisfied husbands to find an easy escape from an unfulfilling relationship.

Instead, Katherine finds something vastly different from the professional observing her.

Time is against her – Katherine’s husband is getting more pushy, her mother in law more unhappy, and the pressure of relations and bearing a child become suffocating. Finding herself beginning to trust the doctor, Katherine gives herself in to his methods of ‘treating’ her.

Several grammatical errors took away slightly from this story, for me, I know they are notoriously hard to find for self-publishing authors and I understand the expense of an editor if that the case, but maybe another polish of the manuscript would have had a more finished turn out. I enjoyed the Victorian Era story and would recommend for a weekend read. I appreciated Amy’s subject handling and delicate character development of a love story with a twist.

Due to adult themes, this book is recommended for those over 18. This book will be appreciated by lovers of historical romance on the risque side.

Four Star Rating



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