Curses of Scale ~ Book Review

From the first page with its crisp, colourful descriptions I was immediately drawn into this tale. The visual setup was immediate and without any effort I wanted to know more, the pages almost turned themselves.

Coming of age book for young adults and fantasy lovers alike. Niena, a sixteen year old girl yearns to follow her bardic dreams but her path is far from that direction.

A confusion of sorts ensues, those wishing for one thing get another and lines and lives are crossed in a colourful, sometimes slightly baffling tapestry. Magic and curses are very real in this tale – they are often misread and the consequences are very real. A druid, a girl, and her grandfather find themselves tossed into a maelstrom of adventure and consequences, good intentions, twisted paths and decisions with massive repercussions.

Not often have I found a book that has been able to harness the reader into a complete swirl of created reality, but Reeves did an excellent job of this.

At times the method of storytelling can be a bit choppy and confusing – often feeling almost a presentation of the exact moment than flowing as a story. But as I am a glutton for descriptive writing, I lapped up the fantasy reality and intriguing tale.

4 Star Rating



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