Author Highlight ~ Weslie Jensen

W Farming

We are meeting Weslie Jensen, who is a bubbly, short, seemingly naïve Librarian Assistant who harbors a peculiar attraction towards the “Dark Side.”
During childhood, Weslie found herself addicted to writing fiction where you love the villains and no character escapes unscathed. Encouraged by her newfound interest, Weslie pursued the writing career while attending Writing Conferences (one of which guest-starred James Patterson), English Honors Classes, and Writing Summer Camp at Westminster College.
After a string of peculiar and eerie doppelganger experiences, Weslie was encouraged to bring to life The Veiled Doppelganger series. A tale of how doppelgangers came to be and the adventure of how to eradicate them.
Currently, Weslie the Cat-Lover has been having her share of daily naps and hot Chai teas while plotting pranks to pull on her husband and brothers.

Concerning her books, we can look forward to exciting new works. Indulgences is the recently released sequel to Doppelgangers, the first of The Veiled Doppelgangers.
The heroine, Doppelganger Hunter Scarlet PinHeart, is forced to confront a true force of evil in the form of humans. A force that will make her wonder just how much she really knows about Doppelgangers, while her partner Shiloh Reux and pyromaniac Allan Strider are sidetracked by a new face from the past.
Dealing with the enemies at the risk of betraying her friends, Scarlet learns that leaving Chicago may have been a costly mistake.

You can read Indulgences and Doppelgangers on Amazon and

Keep your eyes out for this author and be sure to follow these links to found out more about ordering her books and going on a wonderful adventure.

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