The Tithe of Esra’ Nell ~ Book Review

I have always appreciated a good cover on a book, and with the coming of the digital age, I often missed the extra magic a soft or hardcover book added to the reading experience. When I received this book in the post, it was a thrilling treat to hold it in my hands and appreciate the trouble that had gone into the cover design as well as following pages.

Just the cover alone is enough to incite a taste of fairy-tale and adventure – colourful and brimming with fantasy. Within the pages, each chapter begins with a pen and ink illustration, adding even more to the obvious thought and work that has gone into this novel.

Not having any previous experience with the role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons, I was slightly sceptical at the reality of a story based on it. Scepticism was a poor reaction on my part as I was happily tossed into the story, as it opened aboard a ship on the high seas.

The story follows a band of individuals including a mage, a fae hunter, a bard as well as the priest, Bugen, who also happens to be the main character. Being a colourful bunch with definite characters, the reader soon grows to know and love them. The group has been brought together to dispel a certain ‘myth’ that is said to inhabit and bother the land and those within it. There is a lot more going on beneath the surface, as in any good tale and soon the adventures begin.

I have found it increasingly difficult to find genuinely unique and enticing fantasy books to read, as so many of them are blueprints of ones before them. These characters and the intricately woven storyline through the land of Arcana does not disappoint. A must read for fantasy lovers looking for their next fix.

I feel there could be space for a follow-up book to tie in some loose ends, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and eagerly wait for more work from this author.

Five Star Review


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