A Moment Before Midnight ~ Book Review

To be honest, to begin with I was a bit put-off when first getting into this book as the names and feel was very similar to hundreds of other ‘vampire love stories’ out there. But, I have to admit that I was wrong, because the tone and very story-telling of this tale is more in-depth and believable than many other of the same flavour I have come across.

I found the manner in which the author told her story to be endearing and soon enough I was a few chapters in, eager to find out exactly how this story was going to unfold. She adequately set the stage for her characters and I was also grateful that she didn’t over-describe, as relatively new authors often tend to, thus robbing our imaginations of their full potential.

Charming and unique characters with the comfortable links to the creatures of lore that help us acknowledge their part in the narrative.

Essentially a love story between a young girl and a six hundred year old Vampyre – A Moment Before Midnight is a charming story for a range of readers from young adult to those that love to get swept off in a fantasy romance.

A spunky young girl, Dakota Naverro, is destined to meet a vampyre, and their fates are tightly intertwined. The tomboy is in for quite the mystery and adventure, both her and the vampyre’s lives on the line – only time will tell the outcome.

Four Star Rating.


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