Hers to Bear ~ Book Review

This is an erotic romance and paranormal novel that will please any lover of this genre. For those who want to get swept up into a shape-shifter romance with adventure and steamy scenes – this is for you.

Jenna arrives in the small but charming town of Honey Corners as a schoolteacher for the little shape-shifters of the town. Jenna has never had a boyfriend, let alone been kissed when she finds herself on a whirlwind romance with non other than that alpha male of the town. I really appreciated the new spin on paranormal/shape-shifter storylines with the humans knowledge and living alongside the shifters. I also appreciated that weaving of another tale with suspense at the same time to keep the reader on their toes. A little bit of danger sprinkled with ample amounts of romance and a charming couple with humorous moments makes this book a lovely weekend read.

The only faults I could find with this book was that there was no real build of relationship or circumstances or romance, it felt a bit forced and thrown together as well as several grammatical errors. Other than that, I can recommend it for those who read the genre.

3.5 Star Rating


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