Phoenix: Ashes ~ Book Review

Starwars meets the Roman empire and you have the groundwork for this exciting sci-fi meets historical fiction book.

This is not your usual plot for a book and instead of getting weary of the tiring exposition, obvious buildup, lacklustre climax and almost forced resolution, you find yourself wanting and believing with the characters. Your imagination is taken for a ride and I struggled to put this book down.

You might feel that you are being washed away at times with sci-fi technicalities and aspects, but hold on because this book is beautifully written and neatly presented in a manner that draws one in instead of confusing one. This story follows humanity as it has always been – greedy, wanting more, selfish and unforgiving. It also highlights the small parts of the human nature that keep up from forever sinking into the darkness –  integrity, compassion and glimmers of honour and hope.

The story follows Calidus Squad of the Imperial Guard as they are being recalled back to earth with an important mission. Their goal is to transport prisoners to their final trial, or more correctly – their massacre. Starting in the ancient and hallowed city of Jerusalem they Squad make their way to Rome. There is turbulence under the seemingly clean-cut surface – tell tale signs that not all is well. Soon we meet a special little character, one might even say a little snowflake that will soon crawl into your heart.

5 Star Rating


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