The Stars Will Rise (Starchaser #1) ~ Book Review

In the first few pages we are introduced to the main character, Skyler  – an regular Casanova. This is quickly followed by a spaceship crash and aliens, wherein readers find themselves being introduced to a vast selection of strange new beings in the following chapters.

This sci-fi adventure is quick paced and filled with on-the-go action. Skyler Therris’ late father was a celebrated starship captain of renown. Skyler dreams of having the same mantle on his own young shoulders. We meet this extroverted character in the United Galactic Forces Space Academy where he soon learns that his play-hard compulsions are not acceptable or particularly supportive of his hopes.

As in all good stories, the main character needs his faithful crew – two friends who might just help him with his rocky journey. An unlikely frienship grows with the serious Michael and the lovely Kax – fellow cadets at the Academy.

Jail, blasters and accidents are a few facets of the adventures of these three friends. Skyler has a lot to learn, being bright and able might not be enough to make it through training if he doesn’t find integrity and honour. There is a lot going on under the surface at the academy and outside threats are an extra facet to the new and explosive world these students find themselves in as war looms ever closer.

For anyone who enjoys Sci-fi genre and a bit of adventure, this is a pleasant weekend read that sets the stage for following books in the series.

4 Star Rating


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