The N Days ~ Book Review

In a world you thought you knew, in the balance of physics and science you thought held it together – everything gets torn apart. Lives, society and the very fabric of reality. One girl finds herself fleeing nightmarish terrors that are all too real, she desperately fights to find Sanctuary in America.

Samantha Worthington Day – the heroin of this story – is a strong-willed, brave yet tormented soul, tossed suddenly onto a path she never imagined. Is she a survivor? Is she a protector? Is she hunted or a hunter? Perhaps she is all.

I would not say this book is an easy read… One could not read it half-heartedly or risk being lost in a maelstrom of places, coordinates and changing circumstances. It is a gritty read, one is not sure if you are entering a horror or thriller or fantasy or mystery genre but you can be sure you’ll always be kept on the edge of your seat.

Monsters from every corner of fiction and imagination are thrown into a boiling pot of action sequences all described in intricate detail. This is one of my favourite writing aspects of this author – his ability to describe to the reader, exactly what scene is being set, down to the colour of the sunrise over a field of slaughter.

Written in first person and in the present tense, this book draws the reader in, allowing them to be in the front seat to experience the action, adventure, fears and thoughts of Samantha.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next instalment in this series as well as other books this author is currently working on.

5 star rating


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